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Übungsfirmen in Südtirol
Imprese simulate in Alto Adige
Training firms in South Tyrol


Webshops of South Tyrolean Training Firms:

(the webshops are active from mid of october to mid of may)

ID Webshop Description
1 All for you OHG food / grocery store
2 Artemida OHG wooden items / sculptures
3 Beautyfree KG cosmetics and toiletries
4 Big Store OHG office supplies, IT equipment
5 Bürodillo OHG office supplies, IT equipment, software
6 Clean & Sew KG laundry and workwear
7 Come in Travel GmbH Travel agency
8 Congress Center Dolomites s.a.s. hotel and congress management
9 Cosmetic Revolution OHG cosmetics and toiletries
10 Distribution s.n.c. office machines / vending machines
11 Enjoy South Tyrol KG South Tyrolean food specialties
12 Freshmaker KG health products
13 Get Fit s.n.c. sports equipment
14 Golden Mountain Hotel s.n.c. hotel
15 Gourmet's World OHG South Tyrolean food specialties
16 GreHolz s.n.c. furniture
17 Handy 4 You OHG mobile phones, cameras and accessories
18 Lifestyle GMBH furniture and decorative items
19 Megastore Control KG security systems
20 Möbelfix KG furniture
21 Mobilstore GMBH office equipment
22 Mocabi s.n.c. car rental
23 Mondo Pulito s.n.c. cleaning materials
24 Motortime KG cars and accessories
25 New Dimension OHG merchandising products and office clothing
26 New Style s.n.c. watches and fashion accessories
27 Online Drinks s.r.l. drinks, wine, beere
28 OnTour KG travel agency
29 Overtime KG watches and jewellery
30 Paradise s.r.l. natural and organic products
31 Planet Sports KG sportswear and leisure clothing
32 Plose Mountain Resort GMBH hotel / catering
33 Powerline GEN electric power and heating fuels
34 Promotique s.r.l. merchandising products and marketing consulting
35 Schoki Shop GMBH chocolate, tea, coffee
36 Security Systems GEN security systems
37 See Better OHG optical and photographic items
38 Space Electronix GMBH electrical devices and mobile phones
39 Sport und Spiel GMBH sportswear
40 Sporthotel Jump KG hotel
41 Sun and Move GEN electric vehicles
42 Syncomp OHG hardware / software
43 Topfit KG household items
44 Tyrolfrut KG fruits
45 Wear for Work s.n.c. safety workwear
46 Webster OHG online services; web marketing
47 Weltenbummler KG travel agency / tour operator
48 X-Dream-Klex OHG office supplies, decorative items

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